2009 Endowments

Florence Miller, a 1942 graduate of the John Marshall Law School, died in May 2008 at the age of 94. In a fitting tribute to her life-long commitment to women in law, Florence endowed over $600,000 to the Women’s Bar Foundation (WBF). Florence was an intellectual property attorney with extensive domestic and international trademark and general litigation experience. Following her career as in-house counsel for the Kimberly-Clark Corporations, she practiced with the firm of Brinks, Hofer, Gilson & Lione.

Florence Miller was a member of the Women’s Bar Association of Illinois (WBAI) and the WBF’s Honorary Council. The WBF’s Honorary Council (now known as Advisory Board) includes distinguished and accomplished individuals who provide valuable advice, counsel and support. In 2004, the WBF honored Florence with a named scholarship in recognition of the many years she underwrote $3000 scholarships.

Florence’s commitment to the legal community included the support of initiatives that offered young women opportunities in the field of law. The WBF is extremely grateful to Florence for her commitment to the WBF’s mission. By way of her endowment, Florence established a lasting legacy to her life and to her vision. In support of the Florence Miller legacy, the WBF will explore opportunities to increase young women’s awareness of careers in law.

On a personal note, Florence was a “City Girl,” she truly enjoyed the hustle and bustle of Chicago. When Florence accepted the position of in-house counsel, she moved to Kimberly-Clark’s headquarters in Neenah, Wisconsin. Always the trail-blazer, Florence became an early adopter of corporate commuting; she maintained her Chicago apartment so that she could return on the weekends to enjoy Chicago’s museums, the architectural wonders, the Art Institute and spend time with her friends.

Florence Miller touched many different lives in many different ways. We will miss her smile, her keen wit, and her delightfully engaging repartee.

WBF Donor Funded Scholarships

Permanently Restricted Funds – Donors restricted use of funds and provided that, while principal cannot be used, accumulated interest can fund scholarships.

  • Cary Ann Bechly – $100,000
    • WBF Director and Treasurer for 30 years
    • Graduate of University of Illinois College of Law
  • Hayes-Healy – $25,000
  • Lillian Kubicek – $50,000
    • WBF Director for 20 plus years
    • Graduate of University of Illinois College of Law
  • Helen McGillicuddy – 26,992.29
    • WBF Director for 20 plus years
    • First president of WBF (1968-78)
    • First woman Illinois appellate court justice (1976)

Board-Restricted Funds – Donors made lump sum contributions to the WBF and the Board of Directors votes to restrict funds for sole use of funding scholarships.

  • Esther Rothstein – $54,965.95
  • Theodora Gordon – $6,520.00
  • Florence Miller – $600,000

Temporarily Restricted Funds – Restricted for a set period of time or until the occurrence of an event.

  • Funds collected from Past Recipients to fund the Past Recipients Scholarship.